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Founded by Atlanta native Bryant K Marshall, Passkey Choice Entertainment Television Network ( is a television digital media and advertising network committed to producing and airing quality entertainment and video content.

It is our goal at to be the "go to" television, media and information viewing source.

HOW CAN I WATCH? is an innovative media source that uses over-the-top (OTT) streaming devices like ROKU, and amazon fireTV, to bring you unique, entertaining, inspirational, educational, and exciting content wherever you may be.

  • OTT (Over The Top) TV platforms (such as ROKU, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and Apple TV.  A Roku stick can be purchased for as low as $20.)

  • Online at

  • The APP

  • Subscribe to PKCETV2 on ROKU



Whether used exclusively online or coupled with on-site promotions, PasskeyChoice can facilitate a unified, cohesive approach, to your marketing and advertising needs. We offer the capability to craft custom, beyond-the-box components and provide unparalleled access to your target audience.

Some offerings are listed below, however it is our desire to meet your individual needs. Contact us today to discuss these and more opportunities.

If you are an industry professional and partner, check out our Digital Solutions.

Network Memberships

Entertainment and business professionals, join PassKeychoice and reap the outstanding benefits that come with being a part of this phenomenal network of professionals, talents, products and services. 

*Advertising discounts

*Marketing and promotions assistance

*Admission to Exclusive Event

Discounts on car rentals, hotels and more SCREENS

PasskeyChoice distributes its screens that only air content and advertisements supplied by the Network, your sponsors, and can be custom designed for your clientele.  The screens are placed in high traffic areas such as restaurants, bars, stores, events, clubs, and other populated areas.


PasskeyChoice Advertising offers the development and implementation of ad campaigns and commercials. Promotions include creation and implementation of special themes, slogans, gimmicks, and incentives to highlight a specific endeavor. We offer television ads, radio spots, Online display ads, Online video, airtime, and more. Contact our team to discuss your individual needs today!


We can provide dedicated Channels solely for your content and advertisements. These packages are customizable and can include services such as web design, content editing, promo creation, business consultations, and more. Contact us to discuss your individual needs.


These screens are much like the traditional screens, except they may be larger or smaller to better suit your needs. For example:  ipad-sized for in-store displays, over-sized screens for large lobby areas. Like our traditional products, the content can be customized for your targeted segment.

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Bryant K. Marshall - President and CEO

Ty Lambert - Senior VP of Strategy and Business Development

Carole Bonner - Senior Analytics Specialist

Meet the Key Executive


Bryant Marshall

Bryant Marshall

Ty Lambert

Ty Lambert

Carole Bonner

Carole Bonner

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