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Digital Media Services


Unlocking Vaults to Revenue

PasskeyChoice works with a selective team of experts that specializes in software, technology and app development, marketing and digital advertising across (mobile, on-line, dooh, ooh, in-app) interactive platforms, OTT and Linear Broadcasting Television with a focal point in customized solutions and data onboarding/monetization.


We help brands like you reach your  consumers globally, and help businesses maximize revenue and expand your bottom line!


There is no question that data insights propel businesses ahead of the competition. We recognize by operational standard that strategic, data-driven decisions must drive marketing and advertising to effectively deliver the right message, to the right person, in the right geographical area, across the right platform and through the right media channel.


Strategically, data serves as a critical component of your  operational backbone for customer engagement and digitized solutions, both of which are foundational for digital strategy and deployment.


We work with both DSP and SSP ad servers  that are currently managing millions impressions on a monthly basis across global digital channels to include OTT, desktop, mobile, apps, digital signage, out of home, private market places, in English and non-English speaking countries.


Passkey selected supply side partners has premium traffic for your network, i.e. web site, mobile, digital signage, app, OTT, and private market. Our standard ratio is 80% video and 20% banner.


The publisher network affiliate must average a minimum of 2 million impressions on a monthly basis.


Our selected group of dsp's geo targets your campaign down to country, state, city, zip code, gender demographic, age demographic, and time.


As your digital specialist advisor, Passkey can assist you with all of your digital and monetization traditional media buys across Billboards, Print Publications, Private Market Place , as well as digital programmatic campaigns.

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