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Whether you're a freelance journalist, a web designer, a researcher, or anything in between, everyone has something to offer. Please submit your resume and cover letter to

Join our growing team of freelances and volunteers that are helping us make a success. 

Seeking talent for all departments including -

Programming, Syndication, Engineering, Technical, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Business Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Artistic Director, Executive Staff


We need a tech-savvy student to work in a start-up Digital Media and Television Network.  If you are a self-starter, highly self-motivated, and fun-loving person, we want to talk to you! The candidate must be prepared to work in a fun, fast-paced, deadline driven environment with other developers, designers, and digital marketers. Ideally, the candidate should be interested in obtaining a position in marketing or the digital field upon graduation and will complete the internship having gained broad experience in several marketing/digital disciplines. more...


This is Your Opportunity!


Are you a creator of content for television? Do you have movies, reality tv, fashion, game shows, drama series, or something new? Have you ever thought about your content being made available for everyone to view? is currently looking for ALL types of content for consideration.




Your proposal materials must be accompanied by a signed producer release form and a submission summary sheet.  PasskeyChoice cannot approve a submission until these forms are on file.

Download both submission summary AND producer release 


Email to request these forms

If you are submitting multiple proposals, please include a signed release form and submission summary for each project.

Assemble your materials, sending all relevant information about each project.  The following elements are expected:

  • Project Proposal/Incomplete Program 

  • Synopsis - Briefly outline the subject of the submission.

  • Episodic Descriptions - If the project is a series, summarize the content of each planned episode.

  • Project Timetable - Provide an estimated schedule of all phases of production.

  • Interactive Elements - If applicable, explain how you plan to enhance your project through a companion website, written materials, video-on-demand, or podcasting.  Discuss specific elements on the proposed site and provide information on the web production team and budget. 

  • Key Personnel - Provide detailed biographies or resume information of the key project staff, i.e., producer, director, writer, cinematographer, editor, as well as experts, consultants, and talent.

  • Sample Work - If possible, include samples of previous work that best exemplify your production ability and are relevant in style and subject to the current project. 


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