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Super Senior Keishon

Todays Super Senior is Keishon Malik who is graduating from South Cobb High School. A very intelligent and popular student Keishon was voted #SeniorVicePresident #MrSenior and #MrSouthCobb! Having earned and received many honors Keishon has excelled during his high school years as evident by the many rope around that guy's neck! Way To Go Keishon! Overcoming many obstacles including the loss of his older brother whom Keishon dedicates his academic success to, he is a very bright and determined young man. Keishon has received over $120,000 in scholarships and was accepted into 21 HBCU's! The lucky school chosen by Keishon is Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University! College bound, Keishon is already definitely making his mark in the world! There is so much more greatness to come and we can't wait to see!

The PassKeyChoice Global Network Congratulates and Salutes Keishon Malik #SuperSenior

Salute to his awesome Mother for raising such an amazing young man!

***Honor your #SuperSenior Do you have a #SuperSenior that you'd like to recognize on The My High School Channel on Text #MySuperSenior to 864-625-3497

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